Acclaimed Atelier restaurant offers one-time-only delivery, June 3

Acclaimed Atelier restaurant offers one-time-only delivery, June 3

Award-winning owner/chef Marc Lepine likes to keep things interesting. This is no ordinary home delivery


Above, striking presentations are the hallmark of Atelier’s varied, ever-changing menu. Although menu details for delivery have not been revealed, you can bet it won’t be just another pizza or bucket of chicken.

MAY 14 14 – 1:45 PM — You can count on Ottawa’s award-winning chef/owner Marc Lepine to keep things interesting — a reputation for thinking outside the box even before he opened acclaimed Atelier restaurant on Rochester Street six years ago this November.

His latest foray into what he likes to call “insanity” in the restaurant business?

Marclepine1smallTry high-end, attractively presented dinners that Atelier is famous for, packaged in take-out containers and delivered to your home between 6 and 9 p.m.

Ah, but this is no ordinary home delivery.

And you’ve got to act fast, because delivery will only be on Tuesday, June 3 and capacity is limited to about 30 stops. Lepine is accepting prepaid delivery orders (call 613-321-3537) to accommodate one to 40 people.

Delivery area is bounded by Pinecrest Road to the west, St. Laurent Boulevard to the east, south to Baseline Road, and the southern area of Hull.

Delivery dinners will be five courses “plus a few goodies,” Lepine says, and cost $75 per person plus tax (and tip if you want to be nice to the driver). That compares to $110 the 22-seat restaurant normally charges for a varied, 12-course tasting menu.

Making the delivery rounds will be Lepine, sous chef Jason Sawision, sommelier Steve Robinson, server/sommelier Sarah Emilson, and server Matt Guillemett.

LogoJpgLepine says he likes to shake things up at the restaurant with a different idea once a month. On Tuesday, for example, the restaurant is sold out for role reversal night when chefs will be waiting tables, and wait staff will be cooking dinner. “I will be the sommelier while Steve, a sommelier, will be chef,” Lepine says.

“We call these days temporary insanity because that’s how it feels. We put on a dinner with a completely insane concept.

“Our first and only home delivery day will be on June 3, delivered between 6 and 9 p.m. People will choose the one-hour delivery time frame when they make a reservation. I think we can do 30 different stops, but we’ll have to look at the map as orders come in to see how it’s coming together. I expect to have four or five cars on the road.

“The food will look like Atelier food — high-end ingredients, attractive presentations, in take-away containers. We’re keeping details of the menu quiet, as we normally do, but we can certainly accommodate any dietary restrictions.

“The idea is that this is a one-off delivery. Our team gets excited by changing up what we normally do on a daily basis.”

No doubt about that.


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atelier2Above, imagine something like this showing up at the door. Behold, delivery with a difference!



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